Why build a website? Why Blog? Why waste your time building quality contents?

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Building a website can be very rewarding, especially if the website receives lots of visitors. The more visitors you get, the more money you will make through advertisements, sales and other methods. What is the best way to receive lots of visitors and make a lot of money online? The first thing that comes to mind is quality contents! Your main focus should always be quality contents!!! Offer people exactly what they are looking for and you will benefit in the long run. If you have nothing good to offer, then you will receive nothing in return. I didn’t just made this up, this is the truth and if you observe history and all the successful companies in the world, you can very much understand why this is the truth. The top 100 websites on the web did just this and they continue to offer people quality contents day by day. They offer people useful informations, products, tools, etc… and they reap the rewards.

quality contents

You might be thinking, how can I offer quality contents when I have no money and no original ideas? Do you know something that other people don’t? You have to know something, right? Of course you know something, write about it, blog about it, share it; put it on your website, then tell people about it and build links to it. Knowing is one thing, you must also organize those information and make it visible to people. Take for example: monetizeguru.com, my main focus is to show people how to make money online. Many websites have done this and I’m pretty much the last in line. I’m way behind everyone else. However, I believe I have the skill, knowledge, creativity and the patient to be among the top competitors for this specific niche. I will approach this with an open mind and use my imagination to make this site unique and interesting. I’m not a very good writer, that’s why I hire writers for my other websites. This is the only site that I personally write on and it’s kind of tough and a little time consuming for me.


If you have quality contents, the next step is to make it visible to the people who are interested. Look for keywords that people search for and have little competitions and write about it. Use this tool to help you: http://freekeywords.wordtracker.com/gtrends/. I use this tool a lot and the best thing about it, it’s FREE. This tool will give you an idea of what people are searching for and how much competitions there are for that keywords phrase. It is not 100% accurate and the data presented may be outdated (a week or two outdated). Don’t limit yourself to this tool to tell you what to write because you should always write about things you love no matter how much competitions there are. However, make sure not to blog about random things because that’s a waste of time for both you and the reader. Don’t update your site with useless information everyday and thinking it will attract a lot of visitors. Avoid writing things that have no meaning and no purpose. People have better things to do then go to your site and waste 5 minutes of their time, make sure to avoid this fatal mistake.

gtrends data

When you first registered a new domain, Google will put your site in a sandbox and your pages will disappear from Google from time to time. Be patient and keep building links to it naturally. It’s not wise to build so many pages the first 3 months because it will not be detected by Google for a while and it might be a waste of contents. Google’s Sandbox will be discussed further in the next post. If you’re blogging, I recommend writing about 5-12 total pages for the first 3 months. After 3 months, you can start adding contents more frequently.


Thank you for reading and feel free to comment or ask questions. In the next post, I will go over my link building strategy and how frequently I add contents to my site to make it search engines friendly.


Hi everyone,

My name is Tim, I live in The United States of America and I’m the new owner of monetizeguru.com. I bought this site on Digitalpoints Forum on March 20th, 2008 for $100 and I think this is a good investment because the domain name is perfect for sharing useful information with everyone. I can’t call myself a GURU because I don’t know how to write ebooks that can help you instantly make money online. What I will do though, is share my journey and experiences with you. Currently, as of this moment, there are 17 readers subscribe to the RSS Feeburner. My goal for this site is to get 200 readers to subscribe by August 1st and 500 readers to subscribe by January 1st, 2009.

In order to better help you monetize your websites, everything I do with this website will be written down with details information so you can follow. This site need a lot of link buildings and I will SEO the site so it will get better rankings in Google. Things will be documented and you will know exactly what I do with this site. I only have 1 hour a day to spent on this site because I have to run a lot of websites, but that’s enough to build a quality site.

I’m not a very good writer. To tell you the truth, I hire writers to do all my writings for me. This is the only site that I will write on and I will try to keep everything simple and straight to the point.

I have introduced myself and set my goal. The next thing I will do with this site is optimizing it for SEO. I will write about that in a few days. After that, I will start link buildings for this site, I will share with you how I build quality links. From that point on, I will keep sharing with you useful tips and keep adding links to bring up keywords ranking. Traffics will be recorded down and I’ll keep updating the stats every months.

Thank you for reading, I’ll talk to you later.


1 month ago, I started using TNX after reading numerous blog posts about them. I read them here:




You can also Google “tnx.net review” on your search bar to get FAKE positive reviews. The reason most webmasters do FAKE positive reviews of TNX.net is because they want you to sign up under their referrals. When you signed up under their referral ID, they will make commission of links you buy and sell. Remember, Google really hate sites that buy and sell links and if you let them detect you, you will lose value on their SE.

Like many publishers and advertisers before me, I signed up with TNX.net and spent the whole day trying to learn about their system. According to many reviews, TNX was suppose to be much better than TextLinkAds. Their system allows advertisers to place links on individual pages instead of the entire site. This sounds like a good idea because I can sell or buy links for individual pages. In addition “TNX claimed that their links is undetectable by Google”, so this could be a very effective way to build links to your site.

On February 27th, I started to test TNX with one of my sites. The site I used has been established 3 months and it was getting around 100 UV/day from Google. About a week ago, all of a sudden, Google devalued that whole site. I didn’t get banned, but all the pages on that site suddenly lost its ranking. You can check out the stats below to see my traffic.

TNX Review Sucks

TNX sucks review, get banned

I was pissed, so I spent about 3 days to look around to find the real reason why I lost all my traffics from Google. After checking all my stats and reading shit load of blogs and forums, I found out that it was because of TNX. Note: “TNX claimed that their links is undetectable by Google”, but I found this link that will detect TNX paid links on your page.


I was selling links on my site and the link above detects my paid links. I think to myself, WTF? Learning this, I removed all my links from TNX and I also stop selling links using TNX. If the link above can detect my TNX links, Google can too. Google has started to come down on sites that buy and sell links and they will lower your SERPs ranking if they detect you buying and selling links.

Be smart and stay away from TNX.net. If you want to get banned from Google and lose traffics, use TNX.net. If you want to be successful at internet marketing, ask questions and work hard, don’t look for shortcuts. People who tend to look for shortcuts are the one falling behind. Stick to building quality contents and do what you love. Build quality links by submitting to directories, commenting on blogs with dofollow, submit to article directories, post on forum, and submit to social book marketing sites.

I’m not in the mood right now to write so much because TNX is giving me a headache and I just can’t believed I fall for the “Google cannot detects your links when you use TNX” lie. Remember, if a small site like the site above can detect paid links, Google can too.

Here are more honest reviews of TNX.net:

Google bans tnx link buyers it happened to me

Text link ads may kill your google page rank


What ever your blog is about the best way to earn money from it has always been the following two ways:

  • Reviews / Paid Articles

Bloggers have always earned from writing about other websites and blogs for customers as its a good way for blogs and sites to get traffic and so they are easy to sell and it does not damage or effect the blog much and you can do as many of them as you want.

  • Private Advertisement Selling

This is also a good way for other sites to get traffic and so other website owners buy these spots. The most popular is the 125 x 125 banner, which they normally sell six of them down in the sidebar and you can sell them for as much as your advertisers are willing to buy them for and you can make a lot of money from them with very little effort as you don’t even need anyone to click on the advertisements to make money.

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I didn’t earn much from February as I only really just started trying to make some money in February.

I only had one source of income for February which was Adsense and so I will post the earnings for February.

February Earnings:

  • Adsense: $9.67

I am hoping to make more this month but I have added banner selling, paid posting & adsense and so if I make a few banner sales then I would have made more money in March than in February but I can only post, build traffic and hope :)

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My favorite forum is giving a free .com away to one lucky user.

As the title says you can win a free .com domain that will be regstered at domainsite.com!! This domain is 100% to your choice and we will register it for you and push it for free to your domainsite account!

How to enter: Reply to this thread and you are in !!

This contest will last for 48 hours! After this short period we will randomly pick a winner (using random.org)

Enjoy :)

Win a free .com domain from 9mb.com

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In my last article I said about how I made a website and after a few hours of building up traffic on it, I sold it.


  • Domain = $7
  • Ads = $5
  • Paid Users: $0.50
  • Total: $12.50

I sold the website for $30 on DP and it only took a few minutes to get it sold. The profit was $17.50 I didn’t use the ads for that website and so I will be using those ads for promoting Monetize Guru :)

So a few hours work got me $17.50 profit. Its that easy and if you do that loads of times you can make quite a lot of money from only doing a small amount of work. You can do this sort of thing with many different types of websites and personally I think starting up a load of proxies and making a small amount of money off them and then selling them would make you the most amount of money if your looking for a quick sale.

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A new blogging social network has been created and so nows a good time to join it as you will get a good amount of blogger traffic as there are a small amount of articles on there but a good amount of traffic going towards the website.

Even if you are not into social networking websites, its still a good idea to join and submit your article as you would get some traffic from the website… So give it ago… Its free and easy to join… If anyone try’s it please tell me how it goes :)

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Ever wondered if Google Analytics counts all of your traffic?
I have found a useful tool that will help you determine weather Google is counting all your traffic or not.

Its called Sites Canga and they have scanned over 10,700,000 pages. I have personally used it and I know of a few other websites that have used it. It normally takes a few hours to get the results of your website due to others using it and so your website would have to wait for the other websites before you finish.

Even if you think your website is fine with the Google Analytics code and stats its worth a try as its free and easy and so its no skin off your back and so scan your website :)

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The massive webmaster forum v7n is currently being sold. I believe it is within the top five biggest webmaster forums on the whole Internet. I personally have never seen a forum get sold for such a massive amount of money but it makes about $40,000 per month and so who ever buys it would be making a lot of money from it and you can also promote and make other company’s bigger e.g. if you had a SEO company or a back up one or anything webmaster related.

I hope someone buys it and keeps it the great community it currently is today.

The auction is currently on sitepoint.
You can read all the updates on it or bid for it.

I am personally keeping track on the sale and will wait for the new owner. The site is only being sold as the owner wants to study different areas and not SEO or anything internet related.

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